Hong Cheng Construction and Colossus Development were founded by a group of outstanding engineers who have aspiration and dreams in construction. Having been continuously and wisely working hard in the area for more than a decade, the companies steadily grow from a service providing unit to an organization that is able to complete a considerable size of project starting from the land developing to finalize the solid construction of a community and have been finally officially licensed as A Grade construction companies by the government.

  Nonstop upgrading managing efficiency, building mutual trust with customers, providing services originated on profession and science, and constant investing funding and effort in studying and developing new skills are main courses of the companies for both self-educating and serving the public. The companies’ main lines are working with customers who need building constructing, systematic or Slip Form constructing methods nation wide.

Hong Cheng Construction and Colossus Development stand through all technical and economical challenges since their establishing and grow stronger. The companies recognize that construction business is moral and it is their responsibility to introduce new technology and processing methods to efficiently manage the natural resources. They set missions to computerize instruments and managing needs on catching-up basis, generate effective group learning surrounding, encourage colleague based on upgraded professional managing system, enhance work efficiency, and build customers always first serving environment.

  Hong Cheng Construction and Colossus Development specialize on all areas related to construction, from land developing, land and building planning and designing to constructing. Automation and environment protection are our priority on our way to bring all our works to reach the state of art. We serve our customers and also care about the land we live on. We take from and feed back to the society that we closely work together with because we realize we are part of it. We thank for those come to us to give us chances to introduce our ideas and show our remarkable talent to the society. We even appreciate more for those constructivesuggestions and criticisms because without them we
cannot grow faster or do not even grow at all.

  Hong Cheng Construction and Colossus Development are reliable friends in construction. We always warmly welcome you!